We created Phonein as a solution for those who have missed deliveries, had to cross the city to hand out keys for Airbnb guests, or had to manage keys and access cards for colleagues.

Our goal is to give back time to our users with a smart and safe solution.

Phonein Go is the first available member of Phonein’s smart home product lineup. It is compatible with hundreds of types of intercoms all around the world.

It gives you your freedom back!

Jesse Eisenberg, CEO

As an American living abroad, I saw the incredible beauty in the classic architecture of Europe, however the smart systems were missing. I loved to travel here, and hosting guests and getting deliveries are part of the fun modern life.

So Jesse and the team organized around the idea of a universally-compatible smart door intercom, to smarten-up the beautiful classic buildings all around the world. Let’s make our spaces smarter, and safer and in harmony with our lives.

Made with love in Budapest ❤️


  1. November, 2019

    Team formation

    After having met in an embedded systems program, the three core engineers form the build the initial prototype.

  2. April, 2020

    First prototype

    First working prototypes are installed around Budapest.

  3. May 2021

    Launch prototype v2

    Phonein Go v2 is launched, more compact design, more widely compatible, fully featured and easily software upgradeable.

  4. Summer, 2022


    Phonein starts its crowdfunding campaign to turn the prototype into a final product.

  5. 2023

    Deliver devices

    After the successful crowdfunding campaign, the first beautiful devices are being delivered.

Jesse Eisenberg


Szücs Bálint

Software Lead, Embedded Engineer

Veréb Szabolcs

Lead EE, Embedded software

Rok Rupnik

Digital Design

Virág Lénárd

Content / Copywriting

Simon Bálint

Content Lead

Matt Bruen

Advisor – Consumer electronic sales

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