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Introducing PhoneIn

A stand-alone universal smart building intercom

Another missed package… In it’s place a sad little note telling me I need to report to the “nearest” post office to retrieve the package during their business hours.

Then I can happily carry my package home on the bus. Fun way to spend an hour of my day… I miss the American delivery network so much.

Today I'm proud to re-kick off the PhoneIn blog with a tale about how we got started, and what we're trying to improve in the world.

It was about a year ago that I moved from San Francisco to Budapest to get a new lease on life. Budapest is an amazing city and I encourage everyone to come visit and experience all it has to offer. A beautiful river running through the incredible urban scenery, fancy and hipster bohemian neighborhoods, great coffee shops and cafes nestled in hundred year-old east-meets-west buildings.

In fact I decided to make a building like that my new home, which is where I ran into some friction. The old building entry system was almost as old as the building, and there are no plans for an upgrade.

Where's the " Delivery" button, right?

The more I thought about it, the list of problems that needed solving grew.

  • Amazon deliveries, all kinds of deliveries, when I'm not home.

  • Friends are coming over and I don't want to keep getting up to answer the phone.

  • Cleaners or other services are coming over and I'm not home.

  • Businesses want to host clients and even manage their employee access.

I researched the idea and found a great community of hackers who had been solving this problem for their one-off case. There needed to be a solution that would work for all of us.

I took the idea to a startup weekend in Budapest, hosted by Mosaik Coworking and organized by Tech Stars Startup Weekend. We learned a lot, got great feedback, won the competition and the real work began.

We're aiming to be the only stand-alone, universal, smart intercom on the market!

We're aiming to solve all the problems listed above and more, with a beautiful product that has an obsessive focus on customer experience and solving problems with software.

Please subscribe to our blog mailing list and check back frequently. We’ll be writing about our progress, getting feedback from the community, and eventually get a great product out that will kick ass and move the on-demand economy forward!

Also, don’t forget to add your name to our pilot program if you’re interested in getting this product where you live!

Jesse Smith


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