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Rolling out Prototypes

*During a pandemic

*We’re interested in finding 10 more early supporters who are interested in joining our beta program. Message me on Facebook or Email if you’re interested and I’ll message you back personally.

After a long, rigorous development process over the past few months, we’re happy to announce that we’re rolling out our first batch of prototypes to our early partners across Budapest. We’re very excited to have gotten to this point, and can’t wait to put a PhoneIn into more and more hands.

The prototype is a bit bigger than the image on the website, but the functionality is ALL there.

  • Replacing your existing door-phone while keeping all the same functionality (plus easily changing the volume levels).
  • Answering the door-phone from your mobile, no matter where you are.
  • Giving out digital keys with custom expiration settings.
  • Notifications of when the device is being used.

It’s very important we see exactly how people use our product. From this we will make improvements, add important features we missed, remove unneeded parts for simplicity, and know just what to focus on.

Because of the current health situation the whole world is united in combating now, this is a particularly tricky time for doing installs. For this reason, we’re needing to make adjustments to our installation schedule and procedures. We’re taking extra precautions to respect social distancing by carefully preparing the install ahead of time, always using gloves and extra hand sanitizer and masks.

It’s also an opportunity for us to focus on the self-installation documentation. PhoneIn was always designed to have a simple, DIY installation process. What better time than now to focus on that!

Best wishes to everyone out there, stay strong and safe, calm and grateful during this time.

With love from Budapest,

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