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To our friends, followers and users!

Our Mobile App

I’d like to also take this opportunity to describe our app, and discuss a little about our vision for it. And I’ll also mention a new feature rolling out today on our mobile app, scheduled keys.

Creating, editing and sharing keys, viewing access logs, and answering your door phone are all core features of the app, and we've done our best to make sure it's completely intuitive. We're looking forward to your feedback!

Until now, most of our functionality has been available only on the website. Our goal however is to reach feature parity between the mobile app and the website, and then add features to both going forward.

Some users, especially private residences, will prefer our mobile application. However, business with many managed locations or many visitors may prefer the efficiency and automation that can be achieved with the web platform.

So don't fear, we're dedicated to supporting both.

Scheduled Keys

With scheduled keys, now you can have even more security and peace of mine, by creating and sharing digital keys that have a specific start and end time.

We also have a few minor UI cleanups as well in this release as well.

Coming soon

Coming in the next few release:

  • Scheduled keys will have a ‘recurring event’ setting, so you can create a repeating key that will be valid only weekdays, for example.
  • And users will be able to view more information about their device, such as battery levels and volume settings.
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