Do you manage an office or coworking space?
It’s time to switch to digital keys

Upgrade your office and create a smart and easy-to-access hub for your colleagues.

Hand out digital keys through our app and forget about fobs and cards. The only device they need to be able to enter the building is their smartphone.

HR manager Avatar

HR manager

Welcome in our team Dana!
I will send you your new e-mail account and your personal digital key to enter the office. Please download the Phonein app, and I will add you with your business e-mail address.

Best Regards,
Chris Roberts, HR manager

HR manager Avatar

HR manager

Hi Dana!
Your key is valid. On Monday, you can enter the office if you click on the door icon in the app.

Have a nice day!

New employee
Dana Avatar

New employee

Hi Chris!
Thank you. I could get in easily.

Have a nice day!

As an admin, you will be notified if somebody entered your office with a shared digital key or Phonein.

Would you like to invite guests or business partners to your office?

Create their personal digital key, and share it as a link in Google Calendar or e-mail. They can let themselves in easily by clicking on the link.

PhoneIn App
Executive Manager Avatar

Executive Manager

Hi Carla, We are looking forward to greeting you in our office this Thursday, 2 pm. If you click on THIS LINK, you can enter our office when you arrive.

Best Regards,
George Smith, Executive manager


How do I install it?

Phonein is designed to be easy to install. Do it yourself in about 10 minutes! No Need to contact your building manager.

Just replace your existing building intercom system with Phonein, use our app to set it up, and you’re good to go.

Can my former employees enter my office if they have Phonein app?

If you add an employee to your account so they can use the app, you will need to remove them from your account to revoke their access. Once you’ve done this, even with the app they won’t have access to your office any more.

How many e-mail addresses can I attach to one device?

Currently there is no limit to the number of account you can associate with a device!

Do I need permission from the house manager if I want to use Phonein?

We wish we could give an absolute ‘no,’ but every situation and contract is different. Since the device only sits inside the apartment, you can add it just like you were replacing the existing intercom phone.

Is Phonein safe?

Because Phonein sends you notifications when a key is used, and because keys expire just when you want (after a certain amount of time, or number of uses), a shared Phonein key is SAFER than sharing a physical key or sharing a code! So is it safe?? We sure think so!

Can my employees still access the office if the electricity goes out in the building?

If the power goes out in your office, some of Phonein’s features will likely stop working. This is because the wifi is needed to see if a key has been activated, or to forward the intercom call to your mobile phone. However, because the Phonein has a battery installed, it will still ring and function locally as your old intercom phone did.

If the power to the whole building is out, this often affects the intercom system entirely, in which case Phonein won’t be useful until the power comes back. When the power returns the device will automatically reconnect to everything needed.

How do I add employees to the account?

Every Phonein device can have multiple users on the account. You can do this through the menu in the application

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