Smart Deliveries for your Smart Apartment.
Sound good?

Take control of your smart apartment.

Avoid missed deliveries with a simple click in the app, or speak directly with the guest or courier.

Share custom digital keys with couriers, housekeepers, friends, and family, etc.



Hi Dean!
Your package will be delivered today between 9 and 11.30 am.
For further information, please contact our courier.


Dean Avatar


Hi DH!
I am currently not home, but please enter the building by clicking on the link below and place the package on my doorstep.

Thank you!

DeliveryHeroes Package Delivered
DeliveryHeroes Avatar


Hi Dean!
Your package has been delivered successfully today at 10.13 am.



DeliverHeroes entered your building at 10.13am.


How do I install Phonein?

Phonein is designed to be easy to install. Do it yourself in about 10 minutes! Just replace your existing building intercom system with Phonein, use our app to set it up, and you’re good to go.

How can I create a new key?

You create new keys in the app. First make sure a device is selected, then choose the ‘New Key’ button on the bottom of the home screen.

Is it safe to give a key to the courier?

Because Phonein sends you notifications when a key is used, and because keys expire just when you want (after a certain amount of time, or number of uses), a shared Phonein key is SAFER than sharing a physical key or sharing a code! So is it safe?? We sure think so!

Can people use Phonein if they don’t have the app downloaded?

Yes! A key shared from Phonein does not need the application to be activated. The app is only needed by the owner to speak through the intercom and create and share keys.

The owner can also add others to the app so they can create and share keys and answer the intercom.

How many keys can I share?

Currently, there is no limit to the number of keys you can create or share!

Do the keys expire automatically after a certain time?

By default a key does not expire. It will expire only if you set an expiration date and time on the key when creating or editing it.

Do I need permissions from the house manager if I want to use Phonein?

We wish we could give an absolute ‘no,’ but every situation and contract is different. Since the device only sits inside the apartment, you can add it just like you were replacing the existing intercom phone.

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